Weeks 8-9 Ch. 16 Labor, Industry and Plains Indians

Plains Indians:  From Sand Creek to Wounded Knee

Labor and Strikes  (Colorado State University site on labor history)
Chicago Anarchists on Trial: Evidence from the Haymarket Affair 1886 - 1887
 The Dramas of the Haymarket -
Haymarket: Statement of August Spies

Molly Maguires: "The Overthrow of the Molly Maguires"
The Homestead Strike of 1892 - http://www.history.ohio-state.edu/projects/HomesteadStrike1892/
The Coal Strike of 1902 - http://www.history.ohio-state.edu/projects/coal/1902anthracitestrike/
The Chicago Teamsters Strike of 1905
Lowell: Autobiography of Harriet Robinson:

The Gilded Age
Agrarian Populism
People's Party Platform, 1896 [At USInfo]  Radical rural/farmers' party. The roots of American "populism"..

Social Conditions, Urbanism, Immigration
1882 March 6, Chinese Exclusion Act  [from Documents for the Study of American History]
Jacob Riis (1849-1914): How the Other Half Lives; Studies Among the Tenements of New York, 1890 [Yale]
1894, Statement of the Principles of The League of United Latin-American Citizens, a Texas-Mexican Civic Organization

The Modern Corporation

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