Weeks 5 - Ch. 14 Civil War


  1. Civil War Primary Sources from Civil War.org 
  2. Civil War Treasures » primary sources from Library of Congress
  3. Civil War Women Archival Collection of Duke University »  letters from women who had important roles
  4. Documents from Everyday Life »  The John A. McAllister Collection of Civil War Era Printed material
  5. eHistory at Ohio State University »  primary resources from the Civil War.  Diaries and letters i 
  6. Harper’s Weekly »  link to issues from the Civil War weekly periodical
  7. Letters from an Iowa Soldier during the Civil War » Letters from Newton Robert Scott of the 36th Iowa Infantry volunteers.  
  8. Maine State Archives Civil War Page » 
  9. Making of America »  
  10. The African American Civil War Memorial Museum »  
  11. The Papers of Jefferson Davis »  
  12. Union Recruitment Posters from the McAllister Collection » 
  13. Valley of the Shadows »  records from Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania t 

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