Black History Month Lectures: Feb. 24, 2012 at CCC

Professor James S. Harrison's lecture, "Black Inventors: America's Best Kept Secret,"
(The following websites are of related interest)
  1. Museum of Black Inventors
  2. Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806)  Polymath, scientist, poet, inventor 
    • (Noteworthy is his letter of August 19, 1791 to Thomas Jefferson on human rights)
  3. Lewis Lattimer 1848-1928, (Smithsonian Museum site) Civil War veteran, poet, humanist, inventor of electric filament and various electrical products.  Another useful website on Lewis Lattimer
  4. George Washington Carver  (1864-1943) see also the Iowa State University website
  5. Daniel Hale Williams M.D. (1856-1931)  Performed first open heart surgery in 1896
  6. The Faces of Science:  African Americans in the Sciences
  • Bibliographies for Research on African Americans in Science and Technology
  1. Minorities in the Sciences: A Guide to Selected References no.119
  2. A guide to selected resources for the history, participation, and encouragement of minorities in the sciences.
  3. Social Science and Historical Resources for Research on African-Americans: A Selected Bibliography
  4. Bibliography of sources for social science and historical research on African Americans, prepared by Rosie L. Albritton, Ph.D.,Library and Information Science Program, Wayne State University. Presented at AFRITECH '95 electronic conference, January 20-22, 1995.
  5. Technology and the African-American Experience
  6. Bibliography of sources for Technology and the role of African Americans in education and scientific exploration. Compiled by Dr. Amy Bix, Program in the History of Technology and Science, Iowa State University, June 1994. Material for the bibliography contributed by Rosie L. Albritton, Jonathan Coopersmith, F. Elaine DeLancy, John Douard, Mark S. Frankel (AAAS), Steven J. Hoffman, Laura Kramer, Ed Morman, Richard Sclove, Bayla Singer, R. Samuel Winningham. Presented at AFRITECH '95 electronic conference, January 20-22, 1995.
Professor Steve Berk's Lecture on "Mississippi Summer SNCC and the Mississippi Voting Rights Campaign," 

  1. SNCC 1960-1966:  Six Years of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
  2. Stanford University site on SNCC with selected documents
  3. New Georgia Encyclopedia entry on SNCC

Eric R. Burner, And Gently He Shall Lead Them. Robert Parris Moses and Civil Rights
                         In Mississippi. NYU, 1995.
Clayborne Carson, In Struggle: SNCC and the Black Awakening of the 1960s. Harvard,
Joanne Grant, Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Struggle. Wiley, 1998.
John Lewis, Walking with the Wind, A Memoir of the Movement. Simon and Schuster,
Doug McAdam, Freedom Summer. Oxford, 1988.
Kay Mills, This Little Light of Mine: The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer. Dutton, 1993.
Barbara Ramsby, Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement: A Radical Democratic
                            Vision, University of North Carolina Press, 2003

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