Friday, January 13, 2012

HST 202:  US History (1828 – 1898)
Winter 2012
Classroom:  Towler 207
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 11-11:50 A.M.

Instructor:                    Patrick Kane   
(503) 338-2473

Office:                         Towler 312C
Office Hours:              Monday-Friday, 3-4 PM 
Other hours by appointment

Course Objectives: 
1.         Provide students with an overview of social, political, economic and cultural changes in American History from the 1830s to 1898.    
2.         Enable students to discover patterns of historical causation and change while studying diverse cultures and bodies politic.
3.         Analyze significant primary historical writings.
4.         Understand the basics of historical writing as it applies to the various textual course materials.
5.         Provide students opportunities for analysis through class interaction.

Class Assignments and Exams Consist of the Following:
1)      First essay on cultural history (see Blackboard – go to Assignments) Due by end of Week 5
2)      Online Quizzes (complete quizzes on chapter readings on the Blackboard- Assignments – due every 2nd or 3rd week)
3)      Midterm Takehome Essay on Lincoln-Douglas Debates (Due by End of Week 5) 3-4 pages doublespaced – See Blackboard – go to Assignments)
4)      Final Exam in class – see official exam schedule or date posted below in syllabus)
5)      Weekly readings and participation in discussion of Texts in class and on Blackboard discussion board
Note:  All written essays must be emailed to the instructor at

Grading Procedures: Grades for the different credit options will be based on a 1000 point scale:
1)      First Essay on cultural history (choose either African Americans and Slavery or the Cherokee removal topic) 150 points (due by end of Week 5)
2)      Online Quizzes (100 points each – total of 4 quizzes = 400 points total)
3)      Lincoln-Douglass Debates Essay (due by end of Week 5) 150-points
4)      Final Exam (150 points)
5)      Participation in class and mandatory attendance (150 points)
6)      Optional review essay (3-4 pages minimum: discuss topic with your instructor and earn up to 100 points each)  These allow students with an interest in various topics to pursue their interest and range of reading.

Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty (Norton:  Seagull Edition, 2nd edition, 2005, or 3rd edition 2011.)
Online Study guide from the publisher:
Online documents, primary source readings and course materials are in the Blackboard Academic Suite at

Academic Integrity
Each student in this course is expected to abide by the college’s code of academic integrity.  Any work submitted by a student in this course for academic credit will be the student's own. A student who cheats on exams or submits work that is borrowed from another individual or publication without providing a citation may face academic discipline, including lowering of grades or a failing grade. Students may by prearrangement present joint projects.

Accommodations for students with disabilities
Students with documented disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations.  To receive services, contact Services for Students with Disabilities, 338-2474, TDD—325-2902

It is the policy of Clatsop Community College that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability in any educational programs, activities, or employment.


Week 1

Lecture:  From the End of the War of 1812 to the Missouri Compromise:  “The American System” or the Market Revolution and the Political Economy of Continental Expansion
Foner Ch. 9 "Market Revolution"
Foner Ch. 10 “Democracy in America, 1815-1840”
Week 2

Foner, Ch. 11, “The Peculiar Institution” 
NO CLASS on January 16
Week 3:

Week Three:  Reform and Culture in the Age of Expansion
Foner, Ch. 12. “Age of Reform”
Week 4
Lecture and Discussion:  War with Mexico;  Kansas-Nebraska; Dred Scott Decision of 1857;  Lincoln-Douglas ‘Debates of 1858
Foner, Ch. 13. A House Divided, 1840–1861
Week 5

Foner, Ch. 14  Campaigns of the War
Week 6

Lecture:  End of the War and Reconstruction
Foner, Ch. 15:  “What is Freedom?”:  Reconstruction, 1865-1877
NO CLASS on Feb. 20
Week 7

Lecture:  The Compromise of 1877;  Plains Indians and Resistance;  Continental System
Fonder, Chs. 15 and 16
Week 8

Documentaries / Films:  Stephen Crane’s The Blue Hotel
Robert Hughes, on the Gilded Age
Foner Chapter 16 America’s Gilded Age
Week 9

Labor Struggles and Industrial Capital;
Foner Ch. 16 America’s Gilded Age
Week 10 

The Panic of 1896; Agrarian Populism ;  Spanish-American War and American Empire
Foner Ch. 17 Freedom’s Boundaries, at Home and Aborad, 1890-1900
March 21
11AM -12:50 PM